Friday, August 08, 2008


Here's one of those fill in the blank surveys that was passed around that I decided to fill in because I am bored and trying to pass some time on a Friday afternoon:

1. My uncle once: got drunk and stole mail from the mail slot of a church. It turned out to be all junk mail but I'm sure god wasn't happy!

2. Never in my life: have I been able to keep to any sort of diet or meal plan for more than 1 week (and 1 week is probably a strech too!)

3. When I was five: Ii wanted to be a policeman and I was happy when I wore a match or was playing in the dirt (these are exact quotes from my "Book About Me" that I wrote when I was in kindergarten!

4. High school was: had a slow start until I grew boobs. I then started to become more popular! Go figure.

5. I will never forget: that you should never eat anything bigger then your head - tip from my mom.

6. Once I met: a lady who was the 2nd wife of a man that had left the man when he got a 3rd wife. It was fine when he only had two wives, but the third was too young and too demanding.

7. There’s this boy I know: he's kind of a goof, and kind of annoying....but for some reason I love him!

8. Once, at a bar: I sang too much karoke (actually that wasn't just once!)

9. By noon, I’m usually: hungry and ready to go home for the day.

10. Last night: I felt like shit but somehow motivated myself to go for a 40 minute run in the muggy heat. It made me feel much better though.

11. If only I had: somewhere I could live that I could afford to buy a house, so I could settle down, and where the temperature never gets below 20 celcius.

12. Next time I go to church: it will likely be for someone else's wedding.

13. What worries me most: not selling my condo in Cowtown and the economy going in the shitter.

14. When I turn my head left I see: a messy, but much cleaner than yesterday, desk.

15. When I turn my head right I see: an empty desk (my co-worker is on secondement at another company).

16. You know I’m lying when: when I can't stop smirking.

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is: being a kid. Too much responsibility these days but I like have a bigger allowance (i.e. my pay cheque!)

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be: a friend that sees that the person someone is blindly in love with is not for them.

19. By this time next year: I hope to at least have saved some money. I am spending way too much these days!

20. A better name for me would be: Feels Like Ass Today Girl

21. I have a hard time understanding: why people brush their teeth at work. I think twice a day is good enough. After every meal....excessive.

22. If I ever go back to school, I’ll: be teaching an accounting class.

23. You know I like you if: if I grab your crotch. Just kidding. You can tell because I'll talk to you way more then anyone else we are with.

24. If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be: my parents. They are a pain but I owe them everything.

25. Take my advice, never: settle in life. Sounds cheesy but if I had, I would be living in Cowtown right now, instead of paradise, and dating someone that was embarassed of me when I was being myself. Boo to that business!

26. My ideal breakfast is: Go Kashi Crunch cereal. Love that shiat!

27. A song I love but do not have is: I have them all!

28. If you visit my hometown, I suggest you: learn how to drink. There's not much to do there other than that!

29. Why won’t people: figure out that stick thin is gross so I won't feel like I need to lose 10 pounds.

30. If you spend a night at my house: be prepared to deal with hair. I shed a lot!

31. I’d stop my wedding for: a family crisis.

32. The world could do without: five-day work weeks. I vote that we reduce them to two day work weeks.

33. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: eat mustard. Blugh.

34. My favourite blonde(s) is/are: the boyfriend.

35. Paper clips are more useful than: not much. I don't use them alot. I much prefer stapling stuff.

36. If I do anything well it’s: procrastination.

37. I can’t help but: surf the internet from time to time at work. If they don't want me too, they should ban it. That would really suck though!

38. I usually cry: at anything sad. Commercials, movies, the boyfriend being an ass, people I know leaving the island, etc.

39. My advice to my child/nephew/niece: be your wonderful self. Who cares what people say to you in high school because 3 years of your life matters very little in the grand scheme of things.

40. And by the way: I'm so tired I could pass out right now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been Awhile

So my best and longest buddy left the island last nice. Makes me kind of sad. Makes me also miss home. I don't miss Cowtown as a place but the people that call that place home. I miss J (both of them), S, G, DDL (even though she isn't there right now) my sister, my brother in law and M (even though I didn't see him that much while I was there - it was nice to know I could if I wanted!) Having S in Bermuda for the last week and a half just brought it all back. I love my new friends out here but there's comfort in being with friends that know you as good, or arguably better, than you know yourself.

S was a gracious guest and I would love to have her back anytime. She was very thankful and even had dinner ready on the table when we got home from work. We spent nights talking and being lame-ass old people and going to bed at a decent hour. I've realized that as I get older, I can't handle these 4am nights unless I am extremely distracted. I have to be really drunk or having a really good time (usually involves dancing) to make it past the midnight mark. Yes, I am a party animal!

She arrived on a Friday and I couldn't pick her up at the airport because I was on boat day with my work. My work rented a catamaran and we cruised around the island and drank and ate a bunch. It was a great day. The only thing I would have changed was to have the boyfriend there. He didn't end up coming because he was feeling very good that day. People kept asking me where he was and I didn't have that good of an explanation as he was at work instead of on a boat. I guess sometimes you'd rather be along than spend a day with all the people you are with at work all week long. I can feel that. Since he didn't come to the boat day, he was able to pick up S at the airport. So there was a silver lining.

I had a great time with S. I took her all over the island. We saw the dunking of the floozie in St. George, to the boring-ass Maritime Museum in Dockyard. We went scuba-diving a couple of times. The thing that sucks about scuba diving lately (since the hurricane Bertha) is that the South Shore has been really rough thus when you dive there, it is really mirky and hard to see anything. So both dives we did were on the North Side. Would have liked to have shown her a bit more of what the diving had to offer, especially at the price she paid for each dive, but I hope she liked what she saw!

Here's a picture of me and S scuba diving. I'm on the left!

We also went out a couple of nights, watched Dark Knight and rented some movies. We spent a good chunk of time on the beach and she hit up a bunch of beaches while I was at work. On the last night, I took her to a pool party. The party was pretty fun but started dying out quite early (I guess that's what happens when people start drinking at 10am). The house owners had bought all these wicked pool blow-up toys. One of them was a punching bag that had Rocky Balboa on it that had a weight in the bottom and stayed standing when you punched it. It also came with blow-up punching gloves. It was sweet ass! The pool owner kept on talking to it in the Rocky accent. It was classic. The party was fun but I was surprised no one hurt themselves too bad as they were jumping off the roof into the pool. And this is a normal backyard pool, so its shallow as hell! S left on Sunday, a week and a bit after she got down here. Miss ya buddy!

Here's a picture of me getting launched in the pool! I'm lucky I didn't loose the bathing suit!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Showing our Guests a Good Time!

Well our guests left yesterday. I am sad to see them go but happy to have my place clean. Our place is a nice size for 2 but a bit small for 4! I will miss my friend alot and hope that she comes back to visit sometime!

During the week I had to work from Monday until Thursday and the boyfriend took off Wednesday until Friday. They explored the island on their own on Monday and Tuesday and then I took my friend out for a girls night out with some girls that I don't often hang out with (but who I should as they are really nice). We went for Italian for dinner. My friend got to experience the lovely way in which we split bills in Bermuda. Everyone pays for an equal portion regardless of what you had to eat and regardless of if you were drinking with dinner or not. It would be a bad deal for my friend because she doesn't drink. Luckily the bill wasn't too out of hand. I hate the way of splitting bills as I am not one to drink alot at dinner and also I tend to eat chicken and such rather then steak and usually get one of the cheaper dinners. But it motivates me to care less about what I choose to eat as it will be split multiple ways.

The dinner was nice and after dinner, we headed to watch a movie. We saw Wanted. It was a decent movie but I wouldn't place it up there with the Matrix or anything (which the movie was so obviously trying to emulate). There were some majorly cheesy parts and they went a little overboard with the special effects (uhhh last time I checked you can't curve bullets).

The boyfriend took them to Dockyard to the old naval base on Wednesday. On Wednesday night, after work, I went down and played my first game of beach volleyball. That shit is fun! I haven't touched a volleyball since being in Thailand in 2002 and even then I didn't play much. Before that it hadn't been since grade 9 gym class. I was worried about my skill (well lack there of). The first game I played poorly as I tried to hit the ball with all my force and it would go way over the back border of the court. After that, I came into my own, and played pretty decently. Not amazing but I held my own. After volleyball, I met the boyfriend and my guests in town and we took them out for Harbour Nights (where they close off Front Street in downtown Hamilton and have a bunch of stalls and such). We hit up a few bars and stayed out pretty late. We also met up with some friends and our male guest took a liking to a British girl (who I found a little bit abrasive) and tried to be a baller by paying for the entire tables food when he hadn't even eaten. We danced up a storm and tried to fend off the creepy Portuguese men (they were enclosing us in a circle on the dancefloor until the boys came along and saved us!) I went home a bit earlier as I had to work on Thursday.

The boyfriend took our guests scuba diving on Thursday. Apparently the other guest had some inner ear problems and couldn't stabalize (i.e. pop his ears under what to depressurize them) and as a result he got extremely sick. He ended up throwing up for about 1 hour. He was at the point where he'd have one sip of water and then immediately throw it up. He was so dehydrated that his fingers started locking up on him. My other guest, on the other hand, she was fine. I don't know what it is with guys and inner ear sickness. First the boyfriend loses his lunch, then my friend's guest from Winnipeg and then our guest. The best way to a guys heart is through his stomach so apparently they don't love scuba diving! I have yet to see a girl throw up though!

That night, me and my female guest went out in search of some desert. I was worried because we didn't leave until 10pm and I figured that no one would serve us as everything in town closes at the ungodly early hour of 11pm. So we showed up at the restaurant and sure enough they said they are no longer seating anyone. As we were leaving, this very American sounding young guy came and asked us if we were trying to eat and that they had not yet ordered and we were welcome to come sit with them. So we discussed it and decided we would rather deal with potentially creepy men then to omit dessert. You can't talk a girl out of her cake!

The young guy was with two older men and a local. The men were millionaire sport fishers and were down in Bermuda for a fishing contest. Their boat was called "the Last Stall". They turned out to be quite nice but very American. Had very southern accents (I think they were from Texas). They bought us drinks and dessert. They also invited us to come on their 60 ft yacht the next day and be their good luck charms. The next day we had rented a 17 ft (ya I know very impressive!) Boston Whaler boat and the prospect of not going on that to be on the nice yacht was enticing. Had I been single, I would have gone on the boat in a second, but I doubt the boyfriend would have appreciated that much! Anyways they were entertaining to say the least and we got a free dessert. They were ballers though. While we were sitting there, another group of fisherman showed up and they ended up having a $1000 side bet on who would have the biggest fish out of their two boats. They just each whipped $1,000 out of their pockets and made the bet out of the blue. We wished the Last Stall the best of luck the next day and headed home.

I took the day off Friday and we took our guests out on the Boston Whaler boat. It was pretty nice. It's nice to have the freedom to go where you want that you get with a boat rental that you don't get on the tours. We anchored our boat in two seperate locations. One near a boat that was ship wrecked and was partially sticking out of the water and in a nice calm bay. We brought our snorkeling gear out and saw a bunch of fish (they were mostly Groupers though). After returning the boat back to the yacht club in Hamilton, we saw the weigh in of the contest. The marlin that the winner caught was massive. Probably like 8 feet long. The winner of the contest was Que Mas (unfortunately not our friends from the other night) and they caught two massibe Blue Marlins. I will have to post a picture of the fish I took sometime soon! We then went out to a few bars that night and had a good time. The boyfriends was trying to find ladies and creepy black guys for the male guest and female guest respectively. He's such a nutbar.

On Saturday we slept in and then my guests and boyfriend went into town to go shopping. There shopping mission was to buy pink shirts for the Pink Party that we were going to later that night. That night we got all decked out in our pink and headed to the party. We called a cab at 9:15pm to make the 10pm ferry out to Dockyard which of course showed up at 10:05pm (just in time to make us miss the boat!) We went to the Hogspenney while waiting for the 11pm ferry and caught the beginning of some friends that put on this East Coast kind of music show. My one friend places the violin and the other plays the accordian (yes this type of music only flies on the East Coast!) They were actually pretty good. I'm glad I caught them as it was there last show (the violin player is leaving the island next week for the summer and the accordian player will be gone from the island by the time she gets back). After that, we finally caught the ferry and had a nice ride over to Dockyard.

The Pink Party is a Party that my friend from ultimate (the huge black guy that yelled at me during ultimate who turned out to be a big sweetheart!) was putting on at Snorkle Park to benefit cancer charities. I think his mother or aunt had died due to cancer. We waited for a long time to get into the venue as they only had like 2 people taking tickets for the 1,000 people trying to get in. Once inside, the setup was pretty nice. I love dancing my pants off on the beach. They played some really good music including the Tootsie Roll song (I rock the tootsie roll like no ones business) and lots of good soca, hip hop and reggae! The bad thing about the event was the lineups for the bar. They literally had about 8 bartenders serving all the 2,000 people that showed up to the event. You had to wait about 1 hour each time you went to the bar. That part sucked ass. The boyfriend ended up having to pitch about $50 worth of tickets at the end of the night because he didn't have time to wait in line that many times to use them all up.

We tried to catch the 3:15am ferry back to downtown but missed it and had to catch the 4:30am ferry back. I think we were all pretty tired by the time we busted out of there! The boyfriend and the male guest were particularily bitchy by the end of the night and I sorta wanted to kill them as me and my girl were having a good time. In the end we arrived home safe and sound and I had a decent time. I don't think I'll be getting the boyfriend back to any of those types of parties though anytime soon. He was pretty dissapointed in the lack of organization and lack of staff!

On Sunday we saw our guests off in a cab and then took the day easy. I needed to be a lazy ass that day because I had had two 5am nights in a row. I usually get really tired at about 1am so it was a miracle I lasted that long. I kind of feel like a zombie today at work but I'm obviously not that busy (hence my long ass posts today!) I have another guest coming out on the 18th. Should be fun. She's my best friend and she was actually born in Bermuda (but hasn't been back since she was about 2 years old!)

Monday, June 30, 2008

This Last Weekend!

Wowsa. It has been a long time since I last updated! I always complain that nobody ever reads my blog, but should I really blame them? I update like twice a month! I don't know how some of these people blog on a daily basis. They crazy...I like them but they crazy!

This weekend was pretty darn fun. On Friday night, we headed to the Princess for happy hour. Nothing too exciting happened there but the weather was nice and lots of people showed up. After that, we went over to the yacht club. This club is usually closed to members only (meaning that you have to pay annual dues of $3,000 just to go drink there and that is not including any drinks!) There was a massive yacht race that occured recently. It took them about 4 days to race from Newport, Rhode Island, to Hamilton, Bermuda. They apparently sail in 6 hour shifts 24 hours a day for those whole 4 days. So the whole week after the race (they had gotten in on the 23rd) they open up the yacht club to the public. It was a pretty fun party. They had Gombey dancers (traditional Bermuda dancing), singers, and some dancers (the ones that I saw were whorey ones that danced to that It's Gold song from Austin Powers). We walked around and looked at many of the yachts. Man some of those yachts are massive. Apparently they all cost like $1 millionish or more to buy (there was a $22 million yacht there!) Nice to look at but I would never have one!

On Saturday we picked up our guests at the airport. Two people that me and the boyfriend used to work with in Cowtown are currently down visiting. Their flight was a bit late and they of course got searched as they wrote that they are staying with with us rather then at a hotel (so of course they must be bringing us electronics!!!) So they finally emerged in the arrivals lounge at 1:45pm (their flight landed at about noon). Good times! We rushed them home and then rushed off to Chaplin's Bay for the annual Canadians in Bermuda's Canada Day Party. By the time we got there it was about 3pm but the party was still bumping. That party is the best deal in town! You pay $10 for your annual membership and you get lunch and 4 drinks! You can usually barely get 1 drink for that price! Pretty much everyone we knew was there and there were tonnes of people I knew that weren't Canadian (coveters!) It was a beautiful day out and everyone seemed to be pretty sunburnt! No exactly remniscent of a Canadian summer....but it'll do!

That night we took the guest over to the naked guy's house for one last bru ha ha with him. Alas, he has now left the island (as of 1pm today!) for good. I am going to miss him alot! He was really good at organizing things or atleast at getting people to come out. And no party was complete without him flashing his fishing tackle! The party was pretty fun but there was a guy there that I hardly know that was getting kind of fresh with all the girls. I've only met him once before but he thought he had the right to try and rip off my shirt right when I walked in. I was like.....whooaaa buddy calm down. He was retardo drunk though! He ended up liking beer off of naked guy's floor. That is frickin' digusting because they don't clean very well and they have dogs that end up having accidents at least once every few days! The whole night was pretty fun. Lots of drinking and Guitar Hero. A few people didn't take to well to one of our guests because he is outspoken but often doesn't have anything too constructive to say. People were picking fights with him but nothing happened. Anyways I am going to miss naked guy alot and its not the same without him already. I am going to have to visit him over xmas (he lives about 3 hours away from Cowtown!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

This last weekend was a pretty good time! On Friday night, we took it relatively easy and rented a movie. Pretty boring night but well needed! On Saturday, we woke up early and went scuba diving. This time the boyfriend didn't throw up. So that was a plus. We had gone scuba diving with a friend and her friend from Winnipeg that was down visiting. The first dive was called the Cathedral and was pretty nice. There were many massive rocks that towered above us and it kind of gave you the sense you were standing in or in front of a cathedral. Pretty cool dive. Saw a bunch of difference fish, whose names I do not know.

My friend's friend had a little upchuck after his first dive, but was a trooper and did his 2nd dive regardless. It was a good thing he did because you can't come to Bermuda, the shipwreck capital of the world, and not dive a shipwreck and the 2nd dive was a wreck dive. I cannot remember the name though but it was pretty nice. I wanted the dive to end the entire time though because my feet kept cramping up (I think I must've been dehydrated a bit) and I was in the process of developing massive blister from my too-loose flippers. I had such bad blisters that I had to wear flip flops to work the whole next week (the only shoes I have are all covered toed pointy shoes which hurt too much to put on!)

After we got back, we showered quickly and then met some friends and their visitors at the ferry and took the ferry to Dockyard. We ended up going to a pub named the Frog and Onion to watch the Russia and Netherlands game. Russia ended up winning in overtime. With Euro Cup, it seems as though you could get away with only watching the overtime and shootouts as no one seems to score in regular time! We drank a bunch of girly drinks at the pub and had a good time.

After that, we headed in and went to another friends house for a couple of drinks. The boyfriend ended up getting quite drunk and was being generally inappropriate to our friends guests that were down visiting from Halifax (i.e. he was asking them if they had sensitive nipples). Our naked friend was there and only got topless. We played some drinking games and sat around a talked. The boyfriend then headed into town (thank goodness though because he was quite drunk and I didn't feel like dealing with him at that point) and I went home.

The next day I headed to the beach alone (sans boyfriend because he was too hungover) and spent a day tanning. After the beach, I met up with some friends and went to the Bermuda and Trinidad & Tobago world cup qualifier game that was held at the National Stadium with the friends that I went to the pub with the previous day. It was extra fun because the guys that I went to the game with were avid Trinidadian supporters so I had to yell extra loud for Bermuda.

Bermuda is generally a shitty team because of the small size of the population here (60,000) and them making it to the World Cup would have been crazy as it would be like my hometown becoming a country and making it to the World Cup (actually my hometown is slightly more populated). Trinidad was in the last World Cup and is a pretty decent team and Bermuda ended up beating them, in Trinidad (2-0), when they had played the first round of the Qualifier match last weekend in Trinidad. The Trinidad Express had this lovely article in the newspaper after Bermuda's win in their homeland. I love how they maturely state that Bermuda is a "sub-standard bunch", referred to the players as "pudgy Bermudians" and called them a "poor quality team". Well those pudgy, sub-standard, poor quality players beat your ass.

The game was pretty fun. I would have been annoyed though if I had been one of the players because they played drums the entire time. At half time they had Gombey dancers which were pretty good. There were some really young ones that were wicked at dancing. They were probably only up to my knees. So cute! Bermuda ended up losing the game 2-0 (unfortunately) but they gave it a good go!

The Trinida Express had previously partially blamed the referee for Bermuda's win in Trinidad saying that "Bermuda were given a gift when Costa Rican referee Walter Marquesada allowed the game to continue despite T&T keeper Clayton Ince crashing into his defender Makan Hislop and going down injured". In a later article they poke fun at Bermuda blaming the referees for their win. The game I watched looked something like a major league game in Cowtown and not like the World Cup Qualifier I expected to see. The Trinidadian Soca Warriors are going to have a tough time making it past the next round as their caliber of play was lacking!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's all Greek to Me!

Well this weekend was both sad and fun at the same time. On Friday, me and the boyfriend decided to take it easy because we were going to another friend's going away party the following night. We were going to go see the Happening but then realized that it didn't start until the following week. As we only have two decent theatres that show one movie at a time (for a week period) I sometimes get confused. For some reason they had shown the Sex and the City movie for 2 weeks straight at one theatre and the new Indiana Jones flick. I understand showing the new Indie film for a couple of weeks but why Sex and the City? Seems like an odd choice to keep around for that long. So after discovering that the movie we wanted to see was not actually playing, we went and rented two dvds. First movie was Semi-Pro. It was kind of funny but more in a Talladega Nights/Blades of Glory kind of way then in an Old School/Anchorman kind of way. That is to say that it was basically Will Ferrell making an ass out of himself. After that we watched Untraceable. It was okay but I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to pick it up. I do love Diane Lane though. She is beautiful and will probably be that way for many years to come; as far as she is going lately.

At about 8pm, we got a call from the boyfriend's step dad saying that his grandma had had a heart attack that day and was very sick and likely to die. So the boyfriend had to book a flight out to Victoria (about as far away from Bermuda as it gets in Canada) to go and say goodbye to his grandma. He booked a flight for the following day and will be returning on Thursday. He would have liked to have stayed longer, but his other set of parents (father and stepmother) are coming out on the same flight as he is coming back on. He didn't want to leave me alone with them as I do not know them that well. I know his mother and stepfather alot better as I spent much more time with them.

So the boyfriend left on Saturday and made it safely to Victoria but he sent news, via email, that his grandma had passed away during the early hours of Sunday morning. She passed about five hours after he got there, so atleast he got to say goodbye. His family said that she was waiting for him to show up before leaving. It's really sad but atleast he had gone out and spent a week with his grandma last year before coming out to Bermuda (something that he hadn't done since being a child). I never got to meet her, but if she is anything like her daughter, than I'm sure I would have gotten along great with her.

On Saturday night, I went to my friend's going away party. It was a toga party. I bought a bolt of neon pink material and built this lovely toga:

This is a picture of me doing the classic Marilyn Monroe pose over a fan.

The party was fun but pretty tame compared to what I thought it was going to be. The guest of honor is a bit of a legend on this island as he parties hard and tends to get naked alot. There is never a dull moment around him. He ended up only getting naked once and jumping into the pool. He, of course, also didn't wear any underwear under his toga. We all got a couple of flashes throughout the night. Unfortunately, not many people showed up to the party. But I guess its better only having close friends.

Highlights of the party included when I had a "wardrobe malfunction" and when our friend showed up wearing a toga that was made out of a shower curtain. Trust a boy to make a toga out of a shower curtain. I bet he just pulled it right from his bathroom at the last minute. My other friend showed up without a toga and everyone questioned why (because he is the type to go all out for events like this). Apparently he had started this elaborate toga which involved sewing gold trim on material that apparently got eaten by his sewing machine. He was extremely bitter and boycotted wearing a toga due to the sad memories it brought about. I ended up not making a fool of myself, like the weekend prior, as I limited myself to one drink an hour. It was a great plan! It ensured I stayed up late and gave me something to look forward to! I stayed until about 3am and then split a cab back with the naked guy and with the guy's whose toga was eaten by the evil sewing machine.

Sunday was a very lazy day. Everyone was heading to the beach at 2pm. I was up at about 10 am and waited around until then as I didn't want to show up alone. As soon as I was ready to go, the sky clouded over and it got shitty out. I am seriously getting sick of being so pale! Mother nature, please cooperate with me for once!

Friday, June 06, 2008

10 Random Things for Friday

1. Why is this guy doing this? It is so random. Poor socalites. Imagine seeing a massive 211 pound guy scavenging in your garden in the early hours of the morning. I love how his one friend describes how much he's eaten in the past.

2. Everyone has to join Twitter. It's an additive site where you can show people what you are doing. It's pretty amusing and addictive. I am at this page on Twitter.

3. Apparently this is the best place to get a burger and a shake in New York. I will definitely have to check it out. There is a Twitter page that describes how long the line is for the Shake Shack at any one time. I think someone needs to make a page like that for the Tim Horton's on 4th and 4th in Cowtown!

4. So apparently Hillary stepped down the other day. That is cool I guess but I was hoping for some women power in the Whitehouse. Frankly, right now, I only care if they keep the Republicans out of there! All the people on Hillary Clinton's Forum are definitely being sore losers though!

5. This guy is the best artist ever. I bought a bunch of his stuff for my sister who had her birthday last week. He is so wonderfully strange!

6. Ooooooo.....apparently is not working. I bet they are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of revenue as we speak:

I hope my yoga video that I have in the mail gets here okay. I need to start my daily practice ASAP!

7. Going to a toga party tomorrow night. I just bought obnoxious pink material from which I am going to make my toga. Check out some of the skanky toga pics here from some randoms girls party. My toga won't be quite so skanky!

8. I haven't sent in my 2007 tax return yet! I am so badddddd! Thank god the government owes me money and not the other way around!

9. If you are looking for a fun way to contribute to the world than check out Kiva. Check out my lender page here!

10. Everyone have a great weekend. I am going home in 10 minutes!!!